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Dubai is the land of luxury, the city in the desert and the Emirate that boasts of tourist attractions and historical landmarks. 

Inside View of Dubai’s Mesmerizing Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future, Dubai

Inside View of Dubai’s Mesmerizing Museum of the Future

The vibrant city of Dubai is known for its modern architecture, mirroring the rich Arabic heritage and culture. One of the best ways to encounter the rich history is to visit the city’s museums. Imagine a futuristic museum that can open your mind to unimaginable futuristic solutions. On your next trip to Dubai, plan to visit the most innovative and futuristic Museum of the Future. Here is an inside view.

Explore the stunning building

The seven-story egg-shaped striking building with a fantastic pillar-free structure stands tall at 77 meters. It houses a permanent exhibition of future technologies and showcases near-future technologies addressing challenges in areas including health, food, and water. Get ready to be awe-inspired by the optimistic imagination as you glimpse the futuristic designs, which stand out thanks to its artistic use of Arabic calligraphy.

A futuristic space for children

Children, typically, aren’t too excited to visit museums. A dedicated space is added for the children, the whole landscape changes. Future Heroes is a wonderful space for the kids to discover and play. The children can participate in an urgent mission under the watchful eyes of expert guides. The games are designed to encourage critical thinking, confidence, and courage.

The holistic experience

The well-crafted museum is no ordinary experience. It is a delight for photographers, artists, visionary designers, and filmmakers. The museum has a fine blend of exhibition and immersive theatre elements.

On your trip to Dubai, get ready to explore the gems of Dubai: The museum of the future.

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