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About us

 We are experienced not only in all types of visas, immigration, and nationality matters, but we are also able to assist with the complete process of establishing a business or commercial presence in the UK. We provide guidance and advice about all relevant property, tax, legal, company formation, and banking procedures. We would like to provide you with an overview of the UK tax system and some information about UK tax rates that might be useful for you. We are pleased to be able to offer tax-related services.


We also can undertake credit searches and carry out inquiries relating to prospective commercial partners in the UK, to reduce the risk of entering into unsuitable alliances or partnerships. We aim to provide a cost-effective approach to the needs of individuals and their families, as well as to businesses and commercial concerns, by providing the platform for successful economic activity in the UK for migrants and their associated employers or business ventures.

Law Firm Ltd can also provide a professional search and selection of property in the UK for clients. Concierge services for property maintenance, renovation, or tenancy are also available.

What can you expect from us?

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